Tips for a Successful Customer Care or Tele Calling Executive

We are now in the era of cut-throat competition and in this competitive scenario it is more difficult to make new customers and retain the existing consumers. So we have to often contact or inform our customers about our products and service. Tele-calling is an effective and economic method for contacting and informing our new and existing customers about our products and service. But it has to be done carefully. A tele-caller can make a effective and efficient call by following the underlying tips.

E-Commerce Payment Systems

Over the last few centuries, human beings have experienced two major revolutions – the industrial and electronic revolution.  The former transformed our society from being agriculture based to industrial based, whereas the latter transformed our society from being mechanical based to electronic based.  As we enter 21st century, we are seeing the beginning of a new revolution namely, the network revolution.  It interconnects different parts of the world, enabling the seamless flow of information.  The internet is the engine of this revolution and electronic commerce (or e-commerce) is its fuel.

VRS in The Banking Industry



The development strategies of India in the post Independence period 1950-1990, were implemented with a view to having high levels of growth, high public savings and self-reliance. The central and the leading role for industrialization were assigned to the State. The primary emphasis was on increasing the domestic savings rate by suppressing consumption, high taxation, and appropriating income through ownership of commercial enterprises. The role of the financial system was also limited to providing incentives for savings and capital accumulation as interest rates were controlled. The actual results fell far below the expectations. India showed one of the lowest rates of growth in the developing world with rising public deficits and periodic balance of payment crises. In the period between 1950 and 1990, India's growth averaged less than 5% per annum, and per capita income growth was less than 2% per annum. This period showed a growth rate of 5.2% per annum in the developing world, including the Sub-Saharan Africa and the least developed countries (Jalan, in Kapila, 2002).

What is Image Management???


• Ongoing process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance on others and on yourself
• Managing your image to create a powerful first impression is key to success in personal, professional and social life
• A multibillion dollar industry abroad poised to grow at similar levels in India
• Youngest country in the world with average age in 30s resulting in tremendous competition in all walks of life
• Statistics indicate the average age to be 29 by 2020 resulting in fiercer competition day by day
• People who will not manage their image will get left behind
• In last few months scores of articles in newspapers and magazines highlighting the need for image management and first impressions
• Government initiatives to enhance image by attempting to revamp education system to instill soft skills
• Huge funds allocation for teaching soft skills to rural mass