Attitude: HR Funda

Dreaming to succeed is the beginning of an adventurous journey. A positive attitude is the spark which sets vehicle moving in the right direction. Nowadays, the right kind of attitude is one of the most vital components of job requirements of the top notch employers. They have belief that they can train the new incumbents the way they crave but the pre-requisite is the right kind of attitude. The aspirant has to possess learning and optimistic attitude. He has to have a big dream, conviction and courage to do efforts to realize his dream with conviction. He should envisage optimism as the foundation of courage.

The best example of an optimist I often quote is that of a man falling of from tenth floor of a building waving all the while to his friends as he plummets to each floor, to say that he was okay SO FAR! I call him a die-hard optimist

Nothing is Impossible, As we all know that even impossible says:-

"I M Possible"

We could achieve impossible, if we have Vision (dream), Conviction and Effort. Success in any facet of endeavor, is more deeply rooted in attitudes than aptitudes!..

The employer is seeking the passion to do impossible and the burning desire to fulfill the dreams thereby meeting the targets .The budding incumbents should have learning attitude and a burning aspiration to accomplish. They should tend to love the deadlines and the targets given to them. Yes, its true that the employer looks for the one who has got the dying drive and burning desire to accomplish the targets or goals.

Attitude based questions, situational questions or case lets are the tools which recruiters use to judge the existence of the criterion of selection in the applicant's persona. Individuals who hold a positive, hopeful, confident, good natured, kindly courageous mental attitude are the persons who eventually radiates sunshine and gladness, good health and cheer, confidence and happiness wherever they go.

Someone has rightly said, there are two types of people, some who bring happiness WHEREVER they go, and some bring happiness WHENEVER they go!

With the right kind of attitude one should belong to the first category and unwittingly would work as magnets attracting many friends, well wishers and off course employer. Imbibe this secret of success and attract everyone with your charm of optimism, visionary spirit, and courageous endeavors. Make yourself employable forever with the enriched spirit of right attitude and outshine with your grandeur wherever you go.


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