Confidence: it makes difference...


Many students face problems like stage phobia, they afraid of the audience, they are not able to speak about their thoughts, about their opinions in front of others. In class they try to hide themselves even when they know about the things because they cannot face their classmates their teachers.

Did anyone thought WHY?

Parameters of QWL

There are ten parameters of QWL. Let's discuss them:-

1. Compensation
2. Work-life balance
3. Safety and health of employees
4. Opportunities
5. Satisfaction from work
6. Involvement and responsibility at work
7. Support from superiors
8. Work stress
9. Work environment
10. Benefits to enhance economic security

Thought of the Day.....

" You never know what you were born to do until you search within yourself … search for your passion."

QWL as an HR Strategy

In the era of globalization of market economy, hyper competition and uncertainty of rapidly changing environment the success of the organization depends on strategies adopted to improve the QWL of employees. In today’s scenario QWL is one of the HR strategies to promote and maintain an orderly atmosphere for employees to work effectively.

Thought of the Day.....


Quality of Work Life


Definition: QWL has been defined as the workplace strategies, operations and environment that promote and maintain employee satisfaction with an aim to improving working conditions for employees and organizational effectiveness for employers.

Quality of Working Life is not a unitary concept, but has been seen as incorporating a hierarchy of perspectives that not only include work-based factors such as job satisfaction, satisfaction with pay and relationships with work colleagues, but also factors that broadly reflect life satisfaction and general feelings of well-being. More recently, work-related stress and the relationship between work and non-work life domains have also been identified as factors that should conceptually be included in Quality of Working Life.

Importance of Human Resource Management

Attracting the most qualified employees and matching them to the jobs for which they are best suited is important for the success of any organization. However, many enterprises are too large to permit close contact between top management and employees.