Confidence: it makes difference...


Many students face problems like stage phobia, they afraid of the audience, they are not able to speak about their thoughts, about their opinions in front of others. In class they try to hide themselves even when they know about the things because they cannot face their classmates their teachers.

Did anyone thought WHY?

What is the reason behind it?


Here the major role is played by Confidence. Let's understand what it is and how important it is.................

Confidence is generally described as a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective. Confidence is a universal concept in modern sport, and a key factor in determining how well you perform.

Are you very shy when it comes to new surroundings, such as starting a new class or moving to a new area? Sometimes, it is necessary to overcome your shyness and speak confidently. By doing this, it can help you not only to share your ideas properly to others, but also to learn communicating with others. Here are a few steps to consider when speaking with confidence.


1. Learn how to have conversations with people. Your ideas or opinions may not always be accepted by others, but this is nothing unusual. Open your mouth, express your beliefs! This will improve your courage.

2. Don't be afraid and speak loudly. If you speak in a low voice, not only will others not be able to hear what you say, but you will also portray a submissive demeanor, which suggests the opposite of a confident one.

3. Make eye contact when you speak. For one thing, it is polite for others. Also, eye contact will help others to listen to your thinking carefully.

4. Praise yourself everyday! This will promote your own confidence, which is important when you speak. With more confidence, people will take your thinking more seriously.


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