In a world of technology where most of the things are connected to gadgets and web, how recruiting can be an exception to that?

Yes, Recruiting the traditional but a very important function of human resource management. Nowadays, the employers are using the new concept of recruiting that is WEB RECRUITING.

The entrepreneurs are using social networking, blogging and other web tools to recruit employees in their organization. In a typical resume there’s only a overview of candidate’s interest but through web more insights and dimensions can be find out about the candidate. 
The employers or recruiters approach the candidate through IM (instant messenger) instead of slower e-mails. It is faster and more interactive than e-mails.

It is becoming popular day-by-day as the understanding of using this tool is increasing among the employers and candidates both.
The cost of recruiting through web also attracts the employers. Some of the sites like Jobirn charges nothing and famous sites like Linkedin only charges for sending e-mails to candidates. It’s much better than paying around 20-30% to the recruitment agencies or recruiters.

There are many fans of web recruiting one of them is San Francisco PR entrepreneur Jason Throckmorton who says-
 “There’s never been a better way to proactively go out and find and hire people you think are a good fit for your position.”

As we all know the advantages comes with some disadvantages.

Although web recruiting is very useful but depending heavily on it is not good. This method is fruitful in infusing the young and enthusiastic blood in an organization. While hiring for higher levels in the hierarchy, i.e, top executives through this method is not a very good idea as their lower interest in computer ownership and internet usage will make them harder to find. So, top executives are probably not best recruited using this strategy.

The technology is to make the task easier for humans but it can never replace humans. Likewise web recruiting cannot take place of human recruiters or interviewers, as face to face conversations are most effective way to judge a person but yes web recruiting can give more insights about the candidate’s interests and help the employers to find the most appropriate young people for the organization.


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nice information about recruiting......

you are right that every advantage comes with disadvantage....

dependent heavily on anything is not good

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