Personality: Body Language

The biggest contribution in an individual’s personality is of ‘Body Language’. It also plays an important role in helping an individual to get success in an interview.

A lot of people prepare for interviews keeping in mind the common questions, qualifications and experience. Have you ever thought that your body language can play an important role in helping you succeed in interviews?

One of the most important yet most ignored aspects of interviews is your body language. Your body during the interview tells a lot about your personality and character and a recruiter will always pay attention to what your body language has to say about you.

Some of the important tips to manage the body language are as follows:

•    Eyes: The consistent eye contact during a conversation shows your confidence and tells the interviewer that you are interested. Lack of proper eye contact is a clear sign of lack of confidence. But do not overdo it as it may look like aggressiveness to the recruiter.

•    Facial expressions:
Do not distort your face to show discomfort. It indicates disrespect and arrogance. Do not look overly happy or sad. Maintain a firm expression that shows interest, professionalism and confidence. Similarly, do not bite your lips or twist them to sides. This shows that you either lack in confidence or hiding something.

•    Arms: The way you position your arms speaks a lot about your receptiveness. Arms crossed or folded over your chest say that you have shut off other people or are not interested or disagree with what the others have to say. This can surely create negativity in the interviewer’s mind. Try and keep your hands on the side. This makes you look relaxed, confident and open for communication.

•    Posture: A slump posture tells the interviewer that you are tired and have no energy. Surely, no one will want to hire a person who looks tired on the interview day itself. Sit or stand erect and maintain a calm posture. It helps in establishing you as an alert and enthusiastic person in the recruiter’s mind. Similarly leaning slightly towards the speaker makes you look genuinely interested in the conversation.

•    Legs: A lot of leg movement indicates nervousness. Similarly, placing one leg or ankle over the other knee shows arrogance. Keep your feet firmly placed on the floor. This shows confidence and respect for the other party.

Always wear a smile during the interview. Look confident and show respect. A positive body language is as important as the qualifications and work experience.


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