Personality: HR Tool

Personality of an individual explains why people do what they do. It is very essential even for understanding the performance and behavior of an employee or individual at workplace. It is useful for understanding how to manage and work with a particular person.
The personality is an intellectual achievement. It can be defined on two perspectives-

1-    Internal Personality:
It is the identity of a person which is best defined by the hopes, dreams, aspirations, goals and values.

2-    External Personality: It can be best defined by the reputation, i.e., the status in society. It comes from self-confidence, sociability, integrity, charm and creativity.

The values tell how well a person will fit with the culture of an organization. Reputation tells how an individual behaves in an organization and the kind of relationship s/he is having at workplace.

Personality is an essential factor in executive search for the organization.
The interviewer/recruiter/HR Manager always analyzes the personality in context to compatibility with organization’s culture.
The biggest reason for executives to lose their jobs is not recession or incompetence but their personalities.
So, the right personality is the key to your success……………………………………..


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