In a day-to-day life people talk about personality a lot. But do they really know what it is? People have vague idea about this and are quite often not clear in defining personality in proper sense.

“Personality is all about how an individual feels, thinks, reacts and interacts with others.”
It is something unique about a person and is based on certain traits, which are as follows:

(What is TRAIT? It is a specific component of personality that describe particular tendency of an individual)

•    Positive Affectivity: The tendency to experience positive emotional state and feel good about oneself and the world around one. These are sociable, affectionate, friendly and like to interact with different people.

•    Negative Affectivity: The tendency to experience negative emotional states and view oneself and the world around negatively. These people are good in critical thinking and at the time of decision-making they plays like devil’s advocate.

•    Agreeableness: The tendency to get along with others. These people are very good team players and make good relationship with others.

•    Conscientiousness: The extent to which a person is careful, scrupulous and persevering. These people are organized and have a lot of self-discipline.

•    Openness to Experience: The extent to which a person has interest and willingness to take risks. These people are future entrepreneurs. They make rule for others but comfortable instruction for themselves.

There are also other components which contribute into the personality. These are as follows:

•    Sincerity: It is about giving genuine efforts and showing what an individual really feels or thinks. Sincerity does create a last-longing effect. Sincere person always take initiative and does try to achieve the task to the desired level. Sincerity comes from within and does help an individual to reach at the optimal level.

•    Honesty:
“Honesty is the best policy”
                                  - An Old Adage
Honesty is about sticking to the real principles of life. It has its own importance and plays a vital role in changing the face of the society. It does not allow an individual to use shortcuts (wrong path) under any circumstances but it earned the results from hard work. The practice of honesty gives the mental satisfaction to an individual and a chance to live without fear in the Society.

•    Dedication: It is about the commitment related to assigned task under which s/he has to perform the activity to the utmost level. It gives the perfection in final return to an individual.

•    Hardwork: It plays dividend on long run. Hardwork never goes waste and is appreciated around the globe. It can be observed and felt while performing the job. The Practice of this aspect can help in achieving what an individual want.

•    Loyalty: It is a strong feeling of support to someone or somebody, which is required to make long term association. This has a penetrating effect on all parts of life being personal or professional and plays an important role in it. Loyal people don’t damages the organization or its image and acts as an asset.


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