In almost every management college the students are told to have the right attitude, as it is very important to get success. But-

What is this right attitude?

Nowadays, everyone talk about Attitude but very few have the correct understanding of it. So, let us see what it is:-


A favorable or unfavorable evaluative reaction towards something or someone is called as Attitude.

Everyone has got a specific attitude that is reflected by his/her personality/behavior. The point to be noted is that this attitude can be of positive degree or negative degree. Now, here we are concerned about having or building a positive degree of attitude that can be able to drag the things in favor of an individual's objective; irrespective of an individuals potential of dealing different situations. So, further in this article we will study that how an individual can develop a convincing attitude.

“ATTITUDE”- the word has got eight alphabets and every alphabet has a separate story to tell:

A – Attraction:

Attraction is predominantly the first quality which drag things towards each other. However, this can be both positive as well as negative degree.

Positive attraction- (example) a beautiful lady with a pleasant smile is the point of attraction for many people in a party.

Negative attraction- a pungent smell coming out of a dustbin kept somewhere in a beautiful garden.

What we have found is that irrespective of the degree of attraction every personality has got what is known as 'attraction'. It's only needed to convert negative into positive. And for that the best idea will be to enquire from others the negative parts and dispose them off.

Don't hesitate to ask!

T- Tolerance:

Once a person is attracted towards another, then it is required to listen what others are saying. That is, if you want somebody to listen to you and there by follow your things then you must have to tolerate other till s/he finishes up.

T- Thankfulness:

To be thankful towards even smallest things in life bring many things down to our feet. But it's our wonderful 'ego' that prevents us doing this act. What is to be realized here is that-

“Develop an attitude of gratitude”

It really pays as it collect blessings.

I - Intelligence:

Analyze situation and then act, as you never know when you are supposed to pay for your actions. So, don’t ever react to the situations or things immediately. Always first analyze, think over and then react with full preparation. It always keep you on safer side.

T- Toughness:

This calls for getting firm over the decisions that you have taken. It is actually boldness of heart and it has a great influence over a person's image in the society. It is the weapon that makes goodwill of an individual and thereby his/her credibility. It's certain that if you have a tough image or standing image, people will rely over you and you will win a place in the society.

U - Understanding:

One must have a sharp observation to understand the things clearly and get the things out of veil. The simplest things needed for this are-

- sharpen your senses,

- relate past experiences with present, and

- look for knowledge of varied fields.

D - Dearness/Dare-ness:

The more you will develop a relationship of intimacy with people, the more you will be benefited. But, this doesn't allow making yourself- 'emotional fool'. That is, developing intimacy for the benefits and not the losses. Because if you are getting befooled by others then you are not harming yourself only; you are making others to get work done by un-ethical ways and thereby breaking the societal rules.

The other part (dare-ness) calls for getting things done without hesitation. That is, once you are on the wicket, don't afraid of getting stumped and loosing the chance of hitting boundaries.

E - Enthusiasm:

“Nothing Great was ever achieved without Enthusiasm”

All the above things discussed are useless unless and until, one didn't have an enthusiasm to implement/practice them and the energy to run harder to win the race of life.

I hope after reading this article you will be able to understand the meaning and importance of right attitude in life.

Have A Great Attitude!


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