Think Positive Act Positive

There is a very old paradigm that everyone should have a positive attitude. It is very easy to say but practically it is very difficult to have or maintain the positive attitude every time. So let's find the path to have positive attitude.

The path to have the PA can be found through a three-step approach:
  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Attitude


The first step to have PA is to be aware of what and how we are thinking. We must train ourselves to be aware at all times of how our mind is working – the thoughts, thinking patterns and tendencies. Make this a habit. Yes, it is difficult; the meditation technique helps us do this.


When we are aware of something we tend to become judgmental and critical of ourselves or of others. This has the danger of sending us into a vicious cycle of negativity UNLESS we learn to accept what we see and understand. Have an attitude that "it is ok" to think how we are. This acceptance leads to a genuine love and compassion, which forms the bedrock of positive thinking.


Once we have accepted what lies within our thoughts, we can actually start working upon how we 'want' to look at that particular person, situation or thing. Let us look at changing attitude with the following example. Suppose you have a negative attitude toward someone. So much so that he puts you in a bad mood the moment you see him. For a moment, find just one small thing or quality in him that you do like. Now remember that one positive thing whenever you meet or interact with him. Gradually, you will see that your feelings towards him will become more positive and things start looking up.

Following these three guidelines and you will find yourself becoming more positive.


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