Selling-An Art

"An incredibly busy social life, full of free meals and days on the golf course. That they get to travel to all sorts of interesting places and stay in great hotels, eat in fancy restaurants, and get to meet and entertain all kinds of interesting people. What a wonderful life they lead!"

Yes, here I am talking about our sales force who acts as the pillars of the company. Isn't the life they lead sounds interesting!!!!!!!

BUT if we see the other side of the coin then we would find that these people are not living the life of their own. They always work for the company and think about the clients.

Selling is an art and creative in nature. Salespeople in the organizations are known as the base and pillars of the company. Without their efforts a company can't develop their marketing mix .As selling is not an easy task so salespeople have to put a lot of efforts before moving in fields. The selling skills are important and required by every salesman to be successful.

A salesman should have the knowledge of

* Basic concepts of marketing
* Marketing vs Selling
* Proper Prospecting
* Clients needs and requirements
* Companies products and services
* Competitors strategies
* Buyer's Behavior
* Analyzing Clients interest
* Convincing the Clients to purchase
* Motivating the buyers
* Effective closing
* Handling of buyer's complaints efficiently

Salespeople not only sell the products of the company but they actually explore the real opportunities for the organization. If we remember the old saying, Sell the sizzle, not the steak? Well, it's still alive and well because our salespeople are selling the sizzle by knowing their clients clearly.

Skilled and High Performance salespeople know about the importance of building relationships with different people as this will not only help them to fulfill their sales targets and objectives but also help the company to increase sales and total number of customers.

Sales force thus in the organizations should be hard working, result oriented, competent to handle changing behavior of buyers and dynamic environment. Changing Technology and technical competence is now a day increasing the complexity in the job of a salesperson. Selling is a challenging job and the pillars of the company should accept this challenge whole heartedly.


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