Are you a New Generation Manager!!!


1. Recognize your Uniqueness:
We all are different regarding physical and psychological traits. It helps us to ask what our unique selling propositions (USPs) are, because every thing is sold in the market on the basis of USP. No one is free from weaknesses, study shows that the person have maximum strength have more weaknesses but you need to highlight your strengths (USP) to get competitive advantages and ensure positive image in front of others.

2. Focus only on Goals and Efforts:
An individual without a goal is like a car without a steering. Since the final outcome of any effort depend on lots of variables, many of which may not be wholly predictable, it may help the new generation managers to plan for the goal, focus on the effort, but to attach his or her satisfaction to these only and not the final outcome.

3. The Principle of Cause and effect:
Here we need to recall Newton's third law of Motion i.e. to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When this principle applied to the workplace, it enables young manager to take responsibility for his/her action. An old saying 'Tit for tat' helps the fresh MBAs in choosing a wiser ,long-term oriented course of action, rather than a tempting but potentially disastrous 'short cuts' approach to a problem.

4. The AAAE:
Anger, Anxiety, (self centric) Ambition and the Ego are some of the common energy sappers at the workplace. In class room the student is trained to be competitive. Along with technical expertise an individual must have enough ability to manage AAAE to ensure better productivity at the work place.

5. Ask Principle of Success:
If one wishes to ensure success in his personal and professional career he/she must remember this principle. This is all about Attitude, Knowledge & Skills. One needs to have positive attitude, some additional and unique skills along with good knowledge for their work area to be successful in all their acts.


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